Welcome to TWINKLE! We are one of the largest and oldest (since 1997) web-sites selling movie collectibles in Hong Kong. We have more than 3000 designs of movie posters in stock and hundreds of other movie collectibles including lobby cards, postcards, books, souvenirs and banners etc.


Comparing with North America, Europe or Japan, collecting movie collectibles like poster is not a well-known hobby in Hong Kong. Many Hong Kong people buy posters and stick them on wall for decoration without framing them. Many classics were ruined this way. Therefore, it is hard to collect vintage movie posters in Hong Kong. We are trying our best to preserve the available ones (no matter they are new release or old titles) by telling our customers the value of the posters and how they can invest on them. It is hoped that by the increasing numbers of collectors in Hong Kong, movie posters can become a popular collectibles like stamps, postcards or Coca Cola merchandises.

We started our retail business since January 1996.
During these few years, TWINKLE changed the business addresses for three times as we needed more and more space to display and stiore our collectibles. If you had visited this site since 1997, you might notice the changes.

In 2001, we decided to move a great step forward - we had a new showroom where you could find all our collectibles. It was much a quieter and more pleasant environment for choosing your beloved items as it was larger than our previous shops.

In 2003, with there wais a shift of our main business from retail to service, the showroom was closed and we only accepted online and mail order only.

In 2006, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary. Honest to say, the brightest decades of Hong Kong movies as the "Eastern Hollywood" had passed. We stopped updating our stocks but we kept on selling nice stuff as usual which you could see from our web site. :) Not so frequent updates weere made.

In 2011. we celebrated our 15th Anniversary. Most of the shops selling Hong Kong movie stuff disappeared and our site is still in service.

In 2016, yes, we are still in business. All members in Twinkle are fine and still busy like bees. We welcome purchases from anywhere in or outside Hong Kong. :) We are planning to update all the images in the site and check our inventory. Once we find any items not listed online, we will place them online asap. :)


Main Office:
Rm.303, Chung Ying Building, 20 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
Tel.: (852) 2895-4217
Fax: (852) 2559-1687

Opening Hours: 3:00 - 8:00 pm (by appointment only, no walk-in service available)