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Hong Kong Movie Books
Code Title Status Origin Price
BK0079-A 2046 (2004) Available HK US$20
BK0002 4 Faces of Eve OUT HK US$8
BK0018 Ashes of Time   OUT HK US$50
BK0019 Ashes of Time OUT JP US$30
BK0082-E Assassin Photo Mandala (1998) Available JP US$100
BK0056 Beijing Rocks (2001) OUT TW US$10
BK0072 Best of Times, The Available TW US$20
BK0081-A Boy'z 2gather (2003) (One Set of 2 books) Available HK US$35
BK0026-X Bruce Lee Memorabilia, the OUT HK US$40
BK0080-X Bullets Over Summer (1999) OUT HK US$8
BK0086-B Chinese Tall Story (2005) Available HK US$15
BK0027 Christopher Doyle : Notes on Non-Chinese Movies (1999) OUT HK US$18
BK0014 City of Glass Photo Book OUT HK US$7
BK0004 Collection of HK Movie Advertising on Newspaper (Set of 2 Books), The OUT JP US$100
BK0040-C Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Making of the movie) (2000) Available TW US$25
BK0068 Crystal Boys Available TW US$20
BK0032 Duel, the OUT HK US$16
BK0036 Face to Face (with Ekin Cheng) Available HK US$12
BK0041 Fighting For Love (2001) Available HK US$8
BK0042-X Final Romance (2001) OUT HK US$5
`BK0057 Fleeing By Night (2000) Available TW US$10
BK0007 Flowers of Shanghai (with VCD) OUT TW US$22
BK0066-X Fresh Look OUT TW US$20
BK0015 Gen-X Cops Photo Book OUT HK US$12
BK0038 Gen-X Cops Program Book Available HK US$20
BK0035 God of Cookery OUT HK US$12
BK0043-C Happy Together Special Edition Photobook   Available HK US$150
BK0001 Hold You Tight Available HK US$10
BK0016 Hot War Poster Book  OUT HK US$7
BK0064 In The Mood For Love OUT HK US$40
BK0058-X Infernal Affairs (2002) mint inside but cover in fair condition OUT HK US$15
BK0062-X Infernal Affairs II (2003) OUT HK US$12
BK0073 Jiang Hu (2004) (6 x 8 inch) Available HK US$16
BK0074 Koma (2004) Available HK US$8.5
BK0077-A Kwong Sang Woo Photobook Available CHINA US$10
BK0048 Legend of Zu, The (2001) OUT HK US$15
BK0044 Lesile Cheung Passion Tour in Japan 2000-2001 *** sign by Lesilie Cheung OUT HK US$150
BK0013 Lesile in Viva Erotica Sample Shots OUT HK US$8
BK0029 Lost Romance (1999) Available HK US$8
BK0045 Love on a Diet (2001) Available HK US$8
BK0070-B Maikawa Lama Available TW US$30
BK0049 Making of 2002, The (2001) OUT HK US$8
BK0059 Making of Hero, The (2002) Available HK US$20
BK0017 Making of the Amimation of A Chinese Ghost Story, The Available HK US$50
BK0052-X Millennium Mambo (2001) A Available TW US$12
BK0053 Millennium Mambo (2001) B OUT TW US$8
BK0031 Mirror, the Available HK US$12
BK0012 Movie Posters Collection - Book 10 (Hong Kong Movie Series 4) OUT HK US$10
BK0033 Movie Posters Collection - Book 12 (Hong Kong Movie Series 5) Available HK US$10
BK0011 Movie Posters Collection - Book 7 (Hong Kong Movie Series 2) Available HK US$10
BK0010 Movie Posters Collection - Book 9 (Hong Kong Movie Series 3) OUT HK US$10
BK0034 Needing you: Book of Love OUT HK US$10
BK0037 Okinawa Rendez-Vous OUT HK US$12
BK0075 One Nite In Mongkok (2004) Available HK US$18
BK0005-X Paul Fonoroff at the Hong Kong Movies OUT HK US$25
BK0006 Photo Book of King of Comedy OUT HK US$8
BK0051-X Princess D (2002) OUT HK US$16
BK0060-X Project X Shawn Yue (2002) OUT HK US$15
BK0061-A R34G38B25 Box Set (2003) Weight: 3kg Last Box HK US$250
BK0078-X RAIN Full House: Photobook OUT CHINA US$10
BK0071 Sausalito Available HK US$5
BK0067 Scent of a Man Available TW US$20
BK0003 Selective Collection of HK Movie Posters - in the period 1950-1995, A OUT HK US$50
BK0065-X Sonic Youth OUT TW US$20
BK0076 Sound of Color (2003) Available HK US$10
BK0054-X Starry Starry Night (2002) OUT TW US$16
BK0028 Storm Riders (1998) OUT HK US$12
BK0030 Tempting Hearts (1999) Available HK US$12
BK0039 Tempting Hearts Photo Book (1999) OUT HK US$12
BK0050-X Tiramisu (2002) OUT HK US$8
BK0063-B Turn Left, Turn Right (2003) Available HK US$50
BK0083-C Twin Effect II, The (2004) Available HK US$10
BK0069 Under the Same Sky Available TW US$20
BK0055 What Time Is It There ? (2002) Available TW US$16
BK0009-A Who Am I? - Movie Photos Book Last One HK US$20
BK0008-X Wong Kar-Wai OUT EU US$50
BK0046 Wu Yen (2001) Available HK US$8

Asian Movie & Stars Books

Code Title Origin Price
BK0084-X Lee Wai: Man And Boy (2002) SOLD OUT TW US$20
BK0085-X Neverland (2001) SOLD OUT TW US$20
BK0047-A Won Bin: Dream in Heaven Last One KOREA US$40
JP337-X Wonbin Wide pinup Web (2003) (21 x 29.7) SOLD OUT JP US$20

Hollywood Movie & Art Books
Code Title Origin Price
(in US$)
0789204843 70 Years of the Oscar : The Official History of the Academy Awards US 65
0786842520 A Bug's Life US 4.95
0345420802 A New Hope (Star Wars) US 18.95
0553278274 A Night to Remember US 6.5
1887893008 Academy Award Winners ' Movie Posters ( The Illustrated History of Movies Through Posters Series Series : Vol.3 ) US 20
0679735771 American Psycho US 14
1557043515 Amisted : ' Give Us Free ' US 27.5
0300089945 Andy Warhol: Series and Singles US 50
0786862637 Art of Hercules : The Chaos of Creation, The US 50
0618212906 Art of The Fellowship of the Ring US 35
1569315027 Art of Pokemon : The Movie The Power of One, The US 9.95
0671036572 Art of Sleepy Hollow, The US 20.95
0304337978 Beatles Movie (Cassell Film Studies), The US 20
0345450043 Behind the Mask of Spider-Man: The Secrets of the Movie US 20
0689825471 Ben Affleck (scene, 8) US 6.99
1887893296 Best Pictures ' Movie Posters US 24.99
0743411897 Blair Witch Book of Shadows US 13.95
0679437037 Breaking the Surface US 23
0823078647 Britney Spears : The Unofficial Book US 12.95
067103653X Buffy the vampire Slayer : The Essential Angel ( a posterbook) US 7.99
0060953063 Cameron's Titanic Poster Book US 15
0060968745 Cartooning with the Simpsons US 12
0316553530 Carzy Sexy Cool US 29.95
096283243x Casablanca Companion : The Movie Classic and Its Place in History, The US 18.95
0876379951 Collectibles Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles ( 4th Ed ) US 19.95
0590066536 Complete Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook: An Out of This World Guide to Star Ears , the Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi (Star Wars Series), The OUT OF PRINT US 8.99
0517064871 Dean R. Koontz: Three Complete Novels/the Servents of Twilight / Darkfall / Phantoms US 20
0786831057 Disney's James and the Giant Peach US 16.95
0786850396 Disney's James and the Giant Peach US 50
1560252391 Ewan McGregor US 14.95
0879517042 Ewan McGregor : The Unauthorized Biography US 13.95
0425169006 Ewan McGregor Rising to the Stars US 5.99
0345437764 Eyes Wide Open: A Memoir of Stanley Kubrick US 12
0520220374 Films of Akira Kurosawa, The US 24.95

Films of Stephen King, The

US 14.95
0312183453 Full Monty Handbook, The US 9.95
0679746048 Girl, Interrupted US 12
1557044317 Gladiator: The Making of the Ridley Scott Epic US 22.95
0590572393 Godzilla Movie Scrapbook: With Bonus 6 ' Poster ! ( Godzilla), The US 8.98
067168387X Gone With the Wind : The Definitive Illustrated History of the Book , the Movie and the Legend US 18
0439286239 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Movie Poster Book US 6.99
1880656418 Hayao Miyazaki : Master of Japanese Animation : Films , Themes Artistry US 18.95
087951714X Hitchcock Poster Art : From the Mark H.Wolff Collection US 35
1887893210 Hollywood and Early Cinema Posters US 20
1887893350 Horror , Sci -Fi & Fantasy Movie Posters ( The Illustrated History of Movies Through Posters ,Volume 11 ) US 20
0375806296 How the Grinch Stole Hollywood: The Making of the Movie US 14.95
0786840854 James and the Giant Peach : The Books and Movie Scrapbook US 7.95
0786831065 James and the Giant Peach : The Books and Movie Scrapbook US 15.95
0679880909 James and the Giant Peach: A Children's Story US 16
0067575161 James Cameron's Titanic US 50
0006490603 James Cameron's Titanic US 20
0689825463 James Van Der Beek (Scene, 7) US 6.99
0689824033 Jennifer Love Hewitt (Scene) US 6.99
0671024868 Leonardo Dicaprio : A Biography US 4.5
0440227011 Leonardo Dicaprio Modern-Day Romeo(Laurel-Leaf Books) US 4.99
0786881542 Madonna : The Rolling Stone File US 13.95
0006491006 Making of Evita , The US 20
0061073172 Making of Godzilla , The US 17
1559724455 Making of Schindler's List : Behind the Scenes of an Epic Film, The US 21.95
1557044007 Man On The Moon US 16.95


Maurice US 13
0688156819 Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories, The US 20
0517101351 Michael Crichton : A New Collection of Three Complete Novels : Congo / Sphere / Eaters of the Dead US 20
158023013X Moses - The Prince , the Prophet : His Life , Legend & Message for Our Lives US 23.95
188789344X Not Nominated : Movie Poster ( The Illustrated History of Movies Through Posters Series ) US 20
059078627X Offical Godzilla Movie Fact Book : Based on the Hit Movie from Tristar Pictures( Godzilla), The US 4.98
0786867809 Pearl Harbor : The Movie and the Moment ( NewMarket Pictorial Moviebook ) US 35
0439162610 Powerpuff Girls Postcard Book, The US 7.95
0810943697 Prince of Egypt : A New Vision in Animation, The US 45


Prince of Egypt Coloring Art Book ,The US 5.99
0140564748 Prince of Egypt: The Movie Scrapbook:An In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes, The OUT OF PRINT US 8.99
0786866098 Princess Mononoke: The Art and Making of Japan's Most Popular Film of All Time, The US 39.95
0849958946 Princw of Egypt: Classic Edition, The US 8.99
0689824068 Sarah Michelle Gellar (Scene) US 6.99
155704371X Saving Private Ryan , The Men , The Mission ,The Movie : A Steven Spielberg Movie US 19.95
0786884851 Shakespeare in Love : A Screenplay US 10.95
0440227127 Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet : The Contemporary Film , the Classic Play US 4.99
0345427246 Shooting Star: The Ewan McGregor Story US 5.99
0671036653 Sleepy Hollow: Induding the Classic Story by Washington Irving US 5.99
0374525129 Smilla's Sense of Snow: The Making of a Film by Bille August US 18
0809238373 Sound of Music: The Making of America's Favorite Movie, The US 19.95
1887893156 Sports Movie Posters ( The Illustrated History of Moives Though Posters Series ) US 20
0590066552 Star Wars 15 Pull-Out Poster Book ( Star Wars Series ) US 4.99
0345431103 Star Wars Episode I :The Phantom Menace The Illustrated Screenplay US 14.95
0375815619 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Postcard Book US 3.99
0345431111 Star Wars the Making of Episode I :The Phantom Menace(Star Wars) US 39.95
0061073725 Story of Anna and the King, The US 23
1557044074 Stuart Little : The Movie and the Moviemakers ,The Illustrated Story Behind the Amazing Film US 24.95
1557043655 Titanic and the Making of James Cameron: The Inside Story of the Three Year Adventure That Rewrote Motion Picture History US 14.95
1557043647 Titanic and the Making of James Cameron: The Inside Story of the Three Year Adventure That Rewrote Motion Picture History US 24.95
0965520935 Titanic at Two A.M. An Illustrated Narrative with Survivor Accounts US 19.95
0571178731 Total Eclipse US 10.95


Trainspotting US 13.95
0786882212 Trainspotting : A Screenplay US 9.95
0316329290 Unauthorized Star Wars Compendium:The Complete Guide to the Movie,Comic Books,Novels,and More, The US 18
1887893288 Vintage Hollywood Posters US 20
1887893377 Vintage Hollywood Posters II US 20
0786883472 Visions of Armageddon US 19.95
1557045151 Windtalkers: The Making of the John Woo Film about the Navajo Code Talkers of World War II US 32.95
1573922013 Wreck of the Titanic Foretold ? , The US 21