27 July 2016

We are busy catching the Pocket Monsters!!!!!
Business will be resumed on 16 August 2016. Thanks for your understanding. :)

15 June 2016

New shipping choice for heavy collectibles, check postage page - choose Multipack 5kg Box service from HK Post. Pay postage fee for 5kg can ship up to 8kg!

11 June 2016

We are offering discounts for purchases of Japanese Program Books. Email us for details if you are interested. :)

5 June 2016

We are updating the Japanese Program Books section. Other than the existig titles, more than 100+ new titles will be added.

10 May 2016

We are updating our inventory section by section now. The first section we are updating is the Japanese Program Books section. Not only we add more information about each program book, larger images of the book covers and inner pages will be uploaded (Andy is 20 years older than when Twinkle started business, bigger images needed for easier browsing).

20 April 2015

Yes, we are still in business. :) As there is a shift of the main business of Twinkle Group, this movie collectibles web site will not be updated as frequent as before. Purchase through e-mail is available while stock lasts.