Special Note: Please be noticed that we no longer serve walk-in customers. ONLY MAIL-ORDER IS AVAILABLE. Our staff in the offices serve wholesale customers and members who have made appointment in advance. Thanks for your kind attention.

Please e-mail/ fax us your order and we will arrange it for you asap.

Please read the following before placing an order:

If you are interested in any of the items listed on Twinkle, please fill in the ORDER FORM or send us an e-mail / fax including the information required as in the ORDER FORM.

After we have received your order form (through e-mail or by fax), we will check the stock and send a confirmation e-mail back to you. If what you have ordered is in-stock, we will reserve the item(s) for you for one week before your payment is settled.

Your order is shipped through EMS (Speedpost) which is trackable online.

We ship the rolled posters and other collectibles in separate packages. Therefore, if you order some posters and other collectibles in one order, you may receive two packages.

The shipping & handling charges are affected by where you are. Please check the SHIPMENT CHARGES TABLE (updated on 1 April 2016).

You can choose to pay thru the following methods:

PAYPAL (most preferred):

Paypal is now a very popular form of payment using your e-mail address. More information about the method can be found in www.paypal.com.


We prefer US$ or HK$ but we also accept most of the foreign currencies.

BANK TRANSFER / WIRE (TT): available for order over US$500 only

You can send the money directly to me through your bank to my bank account. The service charge would be high on both sides. Both of us will need to pay US$25 to our banks. If you choose this method of payment, please ask for my account details.

INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER / BANKDRAFT: available for order over US$500 only

You can go to any bank to purchase one, a small amount (supposed to be not more than US$5) of service charge will be added, and different bank may charge differently. For your reference, we have to pay US$20 bank charge to get the money if you pay by this method. In addiiton, we ONLY ship when the money order / bankdraft is cleared and it normally takes a month.

Please make the money order / bank draft payable to "TWINKLE" only.