Simpsons Playing Card

SHC023 - US$10

Each deck contains 54 cards, Ace through King in 4 suits, plus 2 Jokers. The people who designed these cards must have given some thought to matching specific characters to specific cards, which makes these cards especially appealing! For example, both Jokers are Krusty the Clown, the Ace of Spades (the Death card) is Mr. Burns, looking sinister. The Ace of Hearts (the Blood Heart) is Count Burns, a vampire. The Queen of Hearts is Marge. The King of Hearts is Homer. The Two of Hearts shows the twins, Sherri and Terri, etc. The card on the left shows you the back side of these cards. Each card has a different image on it! 54 cards = 54 Simpsons images! That's the best thing about these decks. The images include a lot of those popular secondary characters. These cards are standard Bridge-size. For those not familiar with playing cards, cards come in 2 sizes, Poker size and Bridge size. Both size cards are the same length, but Bridge cards are slightly narrower than Poker cards. Bridge decks are prefered by players of card games in which you have to hold a lot of cards in your hand at one time, like Bridge or Hearts, and by people with small hands, like kids. These cards have rounded corners and are plastic coated for longer wear. Each deck comes in a cellophane-wrapped box.