Lan Yu (2001)

Only a few collectibles left. Be quick to get what you like before they're all gone!
Director: Stanley Kwan Kam Pang
Cast: Wu Kwan, Lau Yim

Deluxe DVD & Gift Box Set
You cannot ask for more of this deluxe Lan Yu DVD and gift set! Items are shown above. Imported from Taiwan, licensed, this is the ultimate collectible Lan Yu fans must have!


Code: SHK011

The above images, from left to right, show:
(1) The whole set of collectibles in the box; (2) The cover of the hard paper gift box; (3) The autographed DVD by Wu Kwan and Lau Yim! Notice that the DVD includes shots which are not shown in the cinemas and a section of "making of the movie"!

These three images show: (1) A mini photo book including 10 + Photos; (2) The soundtrack and (3) The mug with printed gold-folied signatures of Wu Kwan and Lau Yim.

These are the keyring and T-shirt included in the set!

Official Postcards Set

Seven cards per set (each 4 x 6 inches)
US$10 set (only a few sets left!)
Code: PCS038

Original Posters

C0856 - US$75 (very good condition) /
C0856U - US$30 (used)
Hong Kong Style (approx. 70 x 100 cm) 
C0874 - US$100 (very good condition)
Cannes Version (approx. 51.5 x 72.5 cm)
C0984 - US$30
Taiwan Version (approx. 60 x 83.8 cm)
C0875 - US$75 OUT OF STOCK
International Version (62 x 85 cm)
C0876 - US$75 OUT OF STOCK
International Version (62 x 85 cm)

Rare Autographs (on 5R photo)
Ooops. Sorry All Sold Out

signed by Wu Kwan, Lau Yim
signed by Wu Kwan, Lau Yim
signed by Wu Kwan, Lau Yim
signed by Wu Kwan