Can I visit Twinkle and see my merchandises in person?

I am sorry to tell on effective of 1 November 2003, we no longer serve walk-in customers in our office. Our staff will only serve wholesale customers and existing members who have made appointment in advance.

What are the condition of the posters Twinkle sells?

For Hong Kong movie posters, please check the information (including status and condition) in the table under each poster image.

Most of the Hong Kong movie posters we sell are ORIGINAL CINEMA posters. Seldom Hong Kong movie posters are reprinted (only the hottest ones like Wong Kar Wai movies got reprinted posters from overseas countries). Original cinema posters are marked with the code "O" after the country code. For example, HK-O means the poster is originated in Hong Kong, which is an Original cinema poster.

How about the reprints? Are they in good quality?

Yes, we do sell some good quality reprints imported from all over the world. They are specify with the code "R" after the country code. For example, US-R stands for a Reprint poster from United States.

How long does Twinkle reserve the items I want before I pay?

Once we confrim your order thru e-mail including paypal payment request, we will reserve your items for you for seven days. The reservation will be automatically cancelled after the stated period and your items will be released for any customers. You may need to send us your order request again then.

How long does it take for me to receive my posters?

Posters are normally shipped within 48 hours after we receive your payment. It usually takes to 3 to 5 days to reach most of the countries by EMS/ Speedpost service provided by post office. However, if your parcel has "luckily" been chosen for regular custom check, it may take unexpected longer time. Rarely it happens but it may happen. You can always track your order as we provide the EMS tracking number for you.

How much is the postage?

It depends on where you are. Please refer to the Order Info.

What if my posters come damaged?

It rarely happens as, first, we don't send damaged poster; second, we ship them in a strong tube which can protect the poster from shock; third, Postal service in Hong Kong is a very reliable service. However, if it does come damaged, call or e-mail us.

When will a new Hong Kong movie poster be released?

Unlike in US, the promotional period of a new movie through posters is short (about a week or two) in Hong Kong, and we can obtain the poster once it is shown in cinema. Hot titles always come first and go first, if you are interested in a particular movie, please let us know before it is released so that we can reserve one for you.

Since there is a majoy shift of our main business, no regular updates will be made when you see this message.