27 July 2016
We are busy catching the Pocket Monsters!!!!! Business will be resumed on 16 August 2016. Thanks for your understanding. :)

15 June 2016

New shipping choice for heavy collectibles, check postage page - choose Multipack 5kg Box service from HK Post. Pay postage fee for 5kg can ship up to 8kg!

4 June 2016

Japanese Program Book section re-bult with larger images and new items. Other sections will be updated soon.

25 May 2016

Updates of different sections with new items will be made in these weeks, Do check this site regularly. :)

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I Am Not What You Want (2002) Collectibles

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Farewell to Twinkle’s movie collectibles business
Final Sale on 19-20 April (3:00-7:00pm)

Twinkle (www.twinkle.com.hk) has been selling movie collectibles, including both Hong Kong and foreign movies posters, postcards, stills and souvenirs for more than 20 years. It is the time to end the business when we are moving to a new office this April, with a shift of our main business to Japanese animation and cartoon products.

Other than a certain amount of movie collectibles to be donated to Hong Kong Film Archive, 5000+ Hong Kong and foreign movie posters, 10000+ movie postcards and all other collectibles will be on sale for 19-20 April (3:00-7:00 pm).

Bargain list﹕
1. Individual postcards @$10-15 → $3
2. Postcard sets 50% off
3. 8R Stills 70% off
4. Movie Collectibles 70% off
5. Bruce Lee related books, posters, postcards and other collectibles 50% off
6. Lobby Cards 30% off
7. Posters 60% off

Since our Sheung Wan office is not big, we welcome customers with reservation in advance only.

The farewell sale arrangements for 19-20 April are as follows:
1. Customers must book their arrival time in advance. No walk-in customers will be served. A maximum of 30 customers are accepted each day.
2. Please reserve the posters you would like to purchase in advance as all posters are kept in tubes and will not be displayed.
3. For all other movie collectibles, feel free to choose on your own when you come.
4. We accept cash only.

Addess﹕Room 303, Chung Ying Building, 20 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan.
Opening Hours﹕Sorry no walk-in customers can be served as we are too busy in moving offices.

Feel free to follow our Facebook page or Instagram to get updates﹕
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twinkle.com.hk/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/twinkle.com.hk/

Thank you for support since 1997. :)


First-time visitors please be noted:
1. All prices listed in this web site are in
US dollars.
2. The minimum purchase (NET, excluding postage) is
US$50. Order under US$50 will automatically be cancelled and will be not processed.

HK Movie Posters updated on 20 April 2015 - More...
updating ...

Int'l Movie Posters updated - More... updating ...
Hong Kong versions (with Chinese) are usually one of a kind. Don't miss the chance to obtain one!

International Movie Postcard Sets and Individual Cards
We have Lord of the Rings, Daredevil, Piglet's Big Movie, Finding Nemo and more... updating ...

Giant HK and International Movie Posters (sized 100 x 150 cm)
Need a real wallpaper? Get a subway poster with nice design! Simply paste or hang it on wall and you get a marvellous movie corner at your home! more...

More Japanese & Korean Movie Posters!
More Japanese & Korean movies posters are added in the Asian movies posters section! Other than that, movie posters from other countries are increasing in number and hope you can find what you like!
More... updating ...

Japanese Program Books are now available! updating ...
Japanese program books are now available on Twinkle's Online! Each of them contains lots of coloured and b/w photos of the cast and film shots. It is worth to buy as they are only available in a very short period of time in the cinemas!

www.photographic.com.hk is a personal site created by our colleague, Herrick. Photo albums from Hong Kong and other Asian cities are updated regularly.

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Marilyn Monroe's Postcards

Simpsons' Collectibles

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